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Full Stack Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • London, GB
  • Remote friendly

Our story

Helio is a complete payments platform for the Web3 economy. With Helio, 1,000s of merchants, dApps, & creators have a secure and convenient way to accept decentralised crypto payments on Solana, Ethereum & Polygon AND:

  • Receive payments directly from customers with no middlemen and low fees

  • Free up critical developer resources to focus on their core business

  • Allow customers to pay quickly and easily with just one tap of their Phantom, MetaMask or other wallet - no logins

Helio is faster & delivers a better UX than any other payments platform in crypto.

Solutions include 👇

  • E-commerce: Add 1-click, crypto payments to your store today to reach a fast growing audience of crypto users worldwide. Increase sales by 2x and reduce fees

  • Pay Links: create "no-code" checkout pages with ease and enable a broad range of payment workflows (e.g. NFT sales, donations, Discord payments, invoicing, x-border payments, etc.)

  • Pay Streams: enable flexible subscriptions for SaaS and paywalls for digital content

  • Pro-code: we offer powerful developer tools including APIs, libraries and Webhooks to integrate Helio checkouts in your website, app or workflow.

Simply log in to our Dashboard with your crypto wallet to set up your first payment or get started with our quick start guide.

HelioX is the pro version of Helio. You can subscribe by purchasing a Helions NFT or paying a monthly fee.

🧠 Who’s behind Helio?

We’re an experienced team who built, scaled and exited SaaS companies for $600m. Our ambition is to build Helio into a significant, lasting company that can fulfil our mission and grow to serve millions of customers over time. We have exciting opportunities for exceptional talent to join the project at this early stage. We look for deep technical skills and singular motivation to make an impact and pursue new responsibilities. We hire both remote and in our London HQ.

🚧 Make sure to connect your crypto wallet at https://hel.io/ to set up your first payment. We only interview people that have tried our product and have a strong desire to making it better! 🚧

You will:

You will help build and architect the foundation of the Helio software platform which all other systems will flow from and interact with. You will use all your previous experiences, skills and initiative to get things right from inception - which is to a naturally high standard of code, logic and engineering prowess in general. We want to build a platform that is led by engineering excellence paired with pragmatic approaches to solving problems and delivering financial grade quality throughout our products and services.

Technical knowledge is critical but we are a startup treading in uncharted territory so attitude is even more important. We’re looking for people that like uncertainty and want to figure out how to do things that haven’t been done before. You’re a true team player and inherently positive. Where others see problems, you see solutions.

You may be fit for this role if you have:

  • +3 years of software engineering experience in backend teams using primarily Node.js and TypeScript for rapid development and deployment. Fluency in Rust an advantage

  • Natural ability to write clean and elegant code, whilst being diligent and pragmatic in equal measure

  • Experience working with large scale systems serving 100,000s of customers. Fintech experience a plus

  • Experience utilising all the latest CI/CD, APIs, Security, Collaborative IDEs on public cloud platforms

  • Experience in Kubernetes, containers, deployment pipelines, A/B testing, Blue/Green principles to prove what you’ve built

  • A passion for automation and defining everything via CaC to drive platform consistency

  • Exceptional query skills and ability to build data models. SQL first and foremost.

  • Ability to troubleshoot and investigate complex issues across systems

  • Desire to build, maintain and improve anything you work on with a high level of ownership

  • Above all this, we are looking for engineers that want to do the best they can, learn, improve, grow, lead, help others and add value every single day for yourself, your teammates and for Helio


  • Competitive salary

  • Equity stake by joining the project at an early stage

  • Join the web3 revolution!

  • Flexible work environment and autonomy over how you work

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with London, UK